Learn to climb at Rockstar Climbing, you'll not look back!


So, you've had a go at climbing or bouldering and attended one of our Taster Sessions, you're hooked and you want more - what next? We offer a choice of courses designed to teach you the best and safest way to progress your climbing skills. Whether you are looking to expand your climbing skills, bouldering skills or both we have exactly the right programme for you.

Adults Learn to Climb - £85.00


Experience Level - Beginners

A comprehensive start into the thrilling world of climbing. This course runs over 3 sessions with each session lasting 2 hours. During this course you will learn essential skills needed to climb safely including using a harness, tying in, belaying and more, and we will also introduce you to the art of climbing movement and technique.

Adults completing this course to the instructors satisfaction will then be allowed to register as a Full Member and climb unsupervised on our rope wall. In addition you will then be able to supervise up to two novice climbers (children or adults) on our roped wall.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who's attended one of our Taster Sessions and is looking for the next step
  • Adults who've climbed a little in the past but want to get back into it
  • Boulderers who are looking to progress to roped climbing
  • Supervised climbers who wish to progress to unsupervised climbing
  • Adults who would like to belay their children on ropes at Rockstar

* Please note that this course is for over 18's only.

Adults Learn to Lead - £110.00


Experience Level - Improvers

Discover the thrill and excitement of Lead Climbing and get ready to take your climbing to the next level!

Are you a competent top-rope climber who is climbing grade 6a or higher? If so then you're ready to learn Lead Climbing. Take your climbing to the next level and let us show you the excitement of Lead Climbing, once you've discovered this your climbing will skyrocket and you'll never look back.

On this 4 week course we will teach you:

  • Advanced belaying skills
  • Brand new climbing techniques
  • The art of efficient clipping
  • How to rest whilst still climbing
  • How to plan and route read like a professional climber

This course comprises 4 consecutive sessions at 2 hours per session and has a maximum capacity of just 4 students per course so please book quickly to avoid disappointment.

If you are a confident top-rope climber and belayer then book your place now!

Adults Movement & Technique Course - £85.00


Experience Level - Improvers

Are you looking to improve your climbing? If so then we can improve your skills and unlock the next level in your climbing!
On this course you will learn the art of climbing efficiency, discover how great footwork can massively improve your climbing ability, we'll teach you essential climbing techniques all pro-climbers use, and much more too.

Who is this course for?

  • If you have been climbing/bouldering for a while but are frustrated with the slow progress you are making
  • If you have completed our Learn to Climb course and are looking to expand your climbing skills
  • If you are ready to unlock the next stage in your climbing and push new grades
  • This course is for Boulderers and Rope Climbers alike - good technique is good technique!