Adult Learn to Lead

Lead climbing is an amazing skill not to be missed. Once you have learnt Lead Climbing you'll never look back!

Do you want to take your climbing to the next level and open up more climbing opportunities?

Join us on this amazing three week course and discover the thrill and excitement of Lead Climbing. Just £90.00 all in!

Our Learn to Lead courses for adults take place on Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Click the booking button to see our latest course dates and to book directly online.

I can't recommend this course enough - seriously just do it! Not only does it teach you all you need to know to take that next step into leading but it has also taught me so much more climbing techniques and mental preparation. We've certainly gained a lot of confidence, and haven't just learned to lead climb but also become better climbers too! - Emily

What is Lead climbing and why should I learn?

  • Lead climbing is climbing with a rope which you take up as you climb and clip into protection points (known as quickdraws) fixed to the wall at intervals up the route.

  • Lead climbing is a step up from top-rope climbing. It is exciting, thrilling and fun and you feel a huge sense of achievement completing a route as a lead climb.

  • Learning to Lead Climb boosts your climbing ability and your belaying ability tenfold as you learn advanced climbing and belaying skills.

  • Lead Climbing opens up so many more opportunities in your climbing including outdoor climbing.

What will our professional coaches teach you on this course?

  • You will gain advanced belaying skills and understand how to predict your climbers actions and state-of-mind.

  • You will learn advanced climbing techniques specific to Lead Climbing.

  • We will teach you the art of efficient clipping of protection points.

  • You will discover how to rest and regenerate your energy whilst still climbing.

  • You will learn how to plan and route read just like the professional climbers.

Who should book?

  • You must be 16 years old or over.

  • You must be a confident top-rope climber climbing grade 5c or higher.

  • You must be proficient at top-rope belaying.