Adult Movement & Technique

Are you ready to take that next step towards improving your climbing? Yes? Then join us for a game-changing three week course.

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Do you want to take your climbing to the next level and open up more climbing opportunities?

If you are a beginner to intermediate level climber and you're looking to improve your climbing technique and movement skills then this 3 week course is an absolute must for you!

Our Movement & Technique course for adults runs on Tuesday evenings as a three week course. Click the booking button to see our latest course dates and to book directly online.

We had a great time on the course, it was really well structured and tailored to our skill level, pushing us just outside our comfort zone and helping us to achieve our potential. We went climbing last night. I spent at least half an hour climbing the same 4c over and over on the auto belay, trying it in different ways, dropping my knee in, flagging out etc. It wasn't a complicated route but it was very satisfying to now be able to think about routes in a new way and actually apply some skill and technique to my climbing! I wouldn't have done that before the course, so thank you for helping me get the most out of climbing. - Kathryn & Edward

What will I learn on this course?

  • On this course you will learn essential climbing techniques all pro-climbers use.

  • Learn great awareness of body balance, centre of mass and positioning on the wall for perfect climbing efficiency.

  • Discover super-efficient footwork used with laser-like precision.

  • Learn critical route reading skills to vastly improve your chances of success on a route even before leaving the ground.

  • Explore rest points - how to identify them and how to make the most of them.

  • Understanding and identifying different hold types, their names and how to use them efficiently.

  • Discover essential climbing techniques for steep or overhanging routes.

Who should book?

  • If you are a new climber and keen to learn good habits and skills early on.

  • If you've been climbing/bouldering for a while but are frustrated with your progress.

  • If you have completed our Learn to Climb course and are looking to expand your climbing skills.

  • If you are ready to unlock the next stage in your climbing and push new grades.

  • If you are over 18 years of age.

This course is for you!

  • Whether you are a rope climber or a Boulderer this course is for you. Good climbing technique is good climbing technique and works for both disciplines!


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