Rockstar Climbing awarded NIBAS Primary Centre Status

For immediate release: 16/04/2018

Rockstar Climbing, Swindon to deliver National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme

Rockstar Climbing based in Stratton, Swindon been awarded Primary Centre status for delivering the National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme (NIBAS) at their centre. NIBAS is a nationwide Scheme designed to promote climbing development and accredit individual achievement on artificial climbing structures without the use of ropes or harnesses, to a height not exceeding 4.5m. It can be used as a starting point for people wishing to take up climbing and mountaineering and is a sister Scheme to the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS) which Rockstar Climbing is already an Awarding Centre.

Mike Aston, owner and operator at Rockstar Climbing in Swindon stated that:

“By delivering NIBAS at Rockstar Climbing, we aim to provide the structure and motivation for young climbers all over the region to develop their skills in order that they may gain the most out of this amazing sport - as well as having their achievements recognised nationally. Being able to deliver NIBAS at our Centre builds on the successes Rockstar has already seen delivering NICAS to our students over the past two and a half years and both Schemes will continue to inspire our Junior and Youth climbers to achieve their best”.

Martin Chester, Executive Officer of the ABCTT, said: “I’m delighted that Rockstar Climbing in Swindon will be delivering the NIBAS Scheme. The scheme is designed for everyone, with structured progression for complete novices through to experienced indoor boulderers. We believe that high standards and good etiquette should be encouraged early on in a participant’s climbing career so that both safety and enjoyment can be practised to the full, and we believe NIBAS provides that framework.”

Rockstar Climbing will begin delivering NIBAS sessions in early September 2018 with sessions becoming available for booking very soon.

More about NIBAS and Rockstar Climbing

What is NIBAS?

The National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme (NIBAS) is a nationwide Scheme with five levels of award; designed to provide a structured progression for complete novices through to experienced indoor boulderers. The Scheme focuses introducing new and young climbers to the skills associated with climbing on artificial climbing walls without the use of harnesses or ropes. Rockstar delivers NIBAS and NICAS to juniors aged 8 and upwards.

NIBAS (along with NICAS, the climbing award scheme) is administered by the Association of British Climbing Walls Training Trust (ABCTT); Registered Charity Number 1123559, and is recognised by the British Mountaineering Council, the Mountaineering Council of Scotland and the Mountaineering Council of Ireland.

Aims of the NIBAS scheme

  • to develop climbing movement skills and improve levels of ability.
  • to learn how to use equipment appropriately.
  • to develop risk assessment and risk management skills in the sport.
  • to work as a team, communicate with, and trust other boulderers.
  • to provide a structure for development, motivation and improved performance.
  • to develop an understanding of the sport, it’s history and ethics.
  • to provide a record of personal achievement.
  • to point the way to further disciplines and challenges in climbing beyond the scheme.