Connecting your mind and body to unlock your climbing potential

Join us for our incredible Yoga for Climbers sessions, 1 hour classes to help improve your climbing.

The secret to unlocking the next level in your climbing could be Yoga. Practiced by many of the top climbers in the world the benefits are both physical and mental.

Join us for our specially crafted Yoga for Climbers sessions and become a better climber.

Regular Yoga for Climbers sessions will:

  • Improve your balance and flexibility
  • Build essential core strength needed for climbing
  • Help develop good breathing techniques

Join us for just £10.00 per session

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Adults Yoga for Climbers

What is yoga for climbers?

This session is based around the practice and principles of Forrest Yoga. 

Forrest Yoga is yoga for the stresses and challenges of modern times whether those be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. It encourages you to write your own changes in the body and mind by helping you breathe more deeply and reconnecting with your body.

One of the Forrest Yoga mottos is "What part of this can I do?" perfect for applying when we have those days when the climbs just aren't happening.

What happens on the session?

Come and join us on the mat to reconnect to the mind and body in a way that will enhance your climbing.

We will work on freeing the wrists, unlocking the shoulders and hips and strengthening the core and legs. We will also look at how we can breathe effectively to steady ourselves and dig deep when we need it!

This is open to all levels and no previous experience of yoga is necessary, there will be options for all levels whether you want to crank it up or gently release.

If you can breathe you can do yoga!

Who is taking the session?

This session is being run by Michelle Thompson who is both a climber and yoga instructor.

Is there a minimum age?

Yes. These sessions are for over 18's only, however, we are investigating options around family sessions too.