The Southern Youth Bouldering Championships

The youth climbing event of the year! The Southern Youth Bouldering Championships (SYBC) is a weekend dedicated to all young climbers across the UK.


Welcome to the Southern Youth Bouldering Championships 2021

Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 December 2021

The incredible Southern Youth Bouldering Championships (SYBC) returns to Rockstar Climbing in Swindon this December.

The SYBC is the youth climbing competition of the calendar - a weekend Bouldering event dedicated to all young climbers aged between 8 and 19 years old.

The SYBC is a completely open event meaning any young climber with a passion for climbing can come and take part.

Registration is now open. Register your attendance below and don't miss this incredible youth event.


What is the Southern Youth Bouldering Championships (SYBC)?

Dates & Categories

The SYBC is a two day Bouldering event split into 6 main categories:


Category E: 8 to 9 year olds

Category D: 10 to 11 year olds

Category C: 12 to 13 year olds


Category B: 14 to 15 year olds

Category A: 16 to 17 year olds

Junior Category: 18 to 19 year olds

SYBC T-Shirt

We have a limited edition SYBC t-shirt on offer for all participants. You can pre-order your t-shirt during our online registration for just £5.00 up until 14th November 2021.

After 14th November t-shirts will no longer be available to pre-order but will be available to purchase at the event for £15.00.

Event Format

Each day is structured as follows:


20 blocs with a 2.5 hour timeframe for all Categories


6 blocs per Category with up to 5 attempts per bloc


4 minute timeframe per bloc

Enjoy freshly prepared food all day

Our fantastic Crux Cafe at Building 5 will be making hot food all day including our fantastic freshly baked pizzas, wraps and light meals.

Plus also Smoothies, Shakes and Juices as well as our freshly ground coffee and speciality teas will also be available.

We'll also have loads of 7a Brownies and freshly baked cookies too!

Online Registration

To take part in the Southern Youth Bouldering Championships (SYBC) climbers must register online below before the event. Due to the nature of the event we cannot accept walk-ins on the day.

Registration is super-easy and takes less than 5 minutes. An entry fee of £25 applies at the time of registration.

This event is for all young climbers!

Regardless of whether you've been climbing a long time or just getting into it, the SYBC event is completely open meaning any young climber can come and get involved, and we encourage this!

If you have a young climber with a passion for climbing then come and be part of an incredible day!



If you are registering for the SYBC then the climber's year of birth will determine which Category and Date you should register for. Please use the following information to guide you:


Category E: Climbers born in 2012-2013

Category D: Climbers born in 2010-2011

Category C: Climbers born in 2008-2009


Category B: Climbers born in 2006-2007

Category A: Climbers born in 2004-2005

Junior Category: Climbers born in 2002-2003



By registering online before 14th November you'll be offered the option to pre-order a limited edition SYBC 2021 T-shirt for just £5.00! Simply select the size you'd like and add it to your registration order during the check-out process and we'll give it to you on the day when you arrive.

The cut off date for pre-ordering one of our SYBC T-shirts for just £5.00 is 14th November 2021.

Participants can still register to take part in the SYBC after 14th November, however, the option to pre-order one of our T-shirts will expire after this date. T-shirts will be available to purchase on the day for £15.00.


The following schedule is applicable to both Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th December and is subject to change.

09:00-10:30: CHECK-IN

All climbers taking part in the SYBC should arrive and check-in. Please ensure climbers have completed our online Participation Agreement ahead of time, if not already done so.

10:30-10:45: BRIEFING & WARM-UP

All climbers are required to attend the safety briefing which will include the rules and format for the day. After this a short group warm-up will be run by our team.


Climbers will have 20 blocs to attempt with a 2.5 hour timeframe. Climbers will have as many attempts as they wish within the timeframe to gather as many points as possible. The latest start time for Qualifiers is 11:30 and will finish at 14:00.

14:30-16:30: SEMI-FINALS ROUND

Climbers who have scored enough points in their Qualification Round will be invited to participate in the Semi-Finals Round. This round will comprise 6 blocs per Category with up to 5 attempts available per bloc. Semi-Finals will be run to IFSC format.


The Grand-Finals Round will include a series of blocs where climbers will have a 4 minute timeframe per bloc for attempts. Our highest scoring climbers from the Semi-Finals Round will be invited to take part in our Grand-Finals.

18:15-18:30: PRESENTATIONS

Results from the day will be announced and our SYBC 2021 winners will be recognised and presented with their prizes.


This is a friendly comp where everyone can have fun and push themselves, it is therefore important to stick to the rules to keep things fair and enjoyable for all who take part. Failure to adhere to the rules may result in your score being removed from the placing.

09:00-10:30: CHECK-IN

Competitors have 2.5 hours (or until 14:00, whichever is earliest) to attempt 20 designated (numbered) boulder problems in any order and with as many attempts as desired. All attempts must start from the ground and from the marked starting holds. Competitors receive the score of the highest hold that they reach and hold with one hand or more. To receive the points the hold must be held in a controlled manner - touches do not count. The highest score for each problem is 50 points and each hold deducts in points value from there. It is worth trying every problem no matter your ability as just pulling onto the starting holds will score you points.

For your score to count you must:

Climb from the starting holds marked with “START”
Use only holds that form part of the route (wooden volumes are in)
Match the finishing hold with both hands (50 points)
NOT use bolt holes for your fingers to assist your attempt

Competitors should use the boxes on their scorecard to keep track of the highest points reached for each problem. The total score does not need to be calculated. Scorecards must be handed back to the scoring table when finished. Overdue scorecards will have points deducted at a rate of 6 per minute overdue.


The ten highest scoring competitors from each category will be put through to the semi-finals. Semi-finalists will have 1.5 hours (from approximately 14:30) to have up to five attempts on each of six designated boulder problems, labeled for a category E male (for example) as “E M1” to “E M6”.

The semi-finals will run similar to the IFSC format -- semi-final boulder problems will be marked with start, zone (bonus) and top. The highest scoring competitor in the semi-finals will have the highest number of tops (completed problems), with ties decided based on the highest number of zones reached, followed by the least amount of attempts for the tops, the least amount of attempts to the zones and the highest score in the qualifiers. Each competitor will have 5 attempts at each boulder problem.

Semi-final attempts are scored by judges. Before attempting a problem, competitors must hand their scorecard to the judge stationed at that problem. There may be a wait while the judge judges other competitors who have handed their scorecard over.


The six highest scoring competitors in each category in the semi-finals will compete in the finals, to be run from approximately 17:00. Finals will be scored based on the same format as in the semi-finals, however they will be time limited. Each finalist will have 3 minutes to attempt their boulder problem. As long as they gain the start of the boulder before their time is up, they can continue their attempt.