What is Rockstar Bouldering?

Discover the art of free climbing that is performed at lower levels without the use of ropes or harnesses.

Bouldering is the synthesis of all skills needed for climbing
~ Ron Kauk


What is Bouldering?

Rockstar's Bouldering Arena offers a form of climbing which is performed at shorter heights up to a maximum of 4.5 meters, compared to our High Walls Arena which has climbing up to 10 meters.


Since no ropes or harnesses are used in our Bouldering Arena our floor is fitted with high-grade matting which helps to soften the impact of a fall from the wall.

Bouldering is becoming more and more popular as World tournaments see more coverage in the media and the Olympics also now includes Bouldering as a sport.

The goal of Bouldering is to complete the climb from start to finish. Because no ropes are required climbs might not be straight up and down, but may also go sideways (known as traversing). You can use any colour on our wall to reach the top (known as rainbowing) or you can use a single colour for both hands and feet (known as a route, bloc or problem). Different colours denote different grades of route - some harder than others. The better you become the harder routes you'll be able to climb.

Why should you start Bouldering?

Bouldering at Rockstar is a fantastic way to start climbing because it requires virtually no equipment and after just a five minute safety induction on your first visit you're good to go!

Here are some great reasons to come Bouldering at Rockstar:

You don't need any specific training or equipment to use our Bouldering Arena. We will give you a five minute safety induction when you first visit us so you can have fun but stay safe.

Bouldering is very social and is a great activity to do together with friends or family.

Bouldering helps to build strength, tone muscles and assists with overall fitness and weight loss if done regularly. It is also more fun than going to the gym!

You don't need an instructor to enjoy Bouldering at Rockstar. If you are over 16 then you can boulder unsupervised. If you are under 16 then you must have an over 18 with you to help supervise you.

You can either book your Bouldering slot online via our website in advance or just turn up to climb.


Book your Casual Bouldering slot online!

Save time at our Reception and pre-book your climbing slot online ahead of your visit. Quick, easy and 100% secure.


Would you like to learn how to Boulder, or get better at it?

Book a 60 minute or 90 minute session with one of our Bouldering coaches. Up to 6 people and perfect for individuals, couples and families.

Our Semi-Finalists are crushing! Such a strong effort from all our young climbers in hot c

Discover our Junior & Youth Cliffhangers Clubs.

Our amazing Junior & Youth Cliffhangers Climbing Programme teaches High Walls & Bouldering to National Award levels.

Visiting Rockstar for the first time?

Save time at our Reception by completing our Participation Agreement online before you arrive. Doing so will get you in climbing quicker!