About Rockstar Climbing

Meet the individuals that create, inspire and teach

“We are passionate about climbing but more than this we are advocates for the amazing benefits climbing brings. We exist to inspire health, happiness and growth in the minds and bodies of our customers and staff through a social atmosphere that encourages learning, knowledge, confidence, and creativity.”

We are Rockstar Climbing

Mike Aston

Meet Mike, the owner at Rockstar. Mike has been climbing for over 15 years and continues to climb across the UK and Europe as much as possible. Mike always wears a hat (even in summer) and hopes to invent the 36 hour day fairly soon.

Brian Hall

Brian is Rockstar's Operations Manager responsible for the smooth day-to-day running of the Centre. Brian can rig up a rope system for any occasion, in fact, if it needs hauling, lowering, anchoring or rescuing then Brian is your man!

Rich Coupland

Say 'hi' to Rich. Rich is Rockstar's Head Coach and Head Routesetter. Rich eats, sleeps and breaths climbing and when he's not setting he's coaching our upcoming superstars. His passion for climbing is matched only by his passion for food.

James Deavin

James is Rockstar's Business Manager which essentially means he wears more hats than Mike does! When James isn't tinkering with Rockstar's IT infrastructure he's dealing with suppliers, finding new channels to market and creating fancy business statistics and trends.

Seamus Favelle

Meet young Seamus, one of Rockstar's Team Leaders, Lead Instructors and budding routesetters. Seamus is powered entirely by climbing psych. In fact, whenever any of us need a turbo boost we just stand next to Seamus for a few minutes!

Emily Chadfield

Here's Emily, one of Rockstar's Team Leaders and Lead Instructors. Emily is often seen inspiring young climbers by either coaching them or by climbing at Rockstar by example. She's also been known to have taken podiums in a few comp finals.

Matt Favelle

Matt is Rockstar's senior coach and Assistant NICAS & NIBAS Course Director. Matt enjoys teaching many of our junior and youth sessions and when he's not coaching himself he's inpiring our newly qualified instructors in the ways of NICAS & NIBAS.

Ellie Skull

Ellie is one of Rockstar's creative talents. WIth a degree in Media Studies she's often seen creating awesome social posts and making Rockstar a cool place for our climbers. She is also a fantastic climbing instructor and heads up our Ladies Night every Monday.

Cara Skinner

Meet Cara, one of Rockstar's young climbing instructors and ace front-desk team members. Cara's continuous smile and infectious sense of humor makes her a very popular instructor and member of the team.

Raj Pun

Raj is one of our brilliant front-desk team and regular climbing instructors. When he's not working he's regularly climbing and bouldering building up his insane strength! Often competing too he's attended a few comp finals at Rockstar.