Climbing casually at Rockstar

Casual climbing is the term we use for climbing at Rockstar without the need for an instructor. To climb casually you can either book your entry online in advance or alternatively just turn up. There are some things you need to know in order to get the most from your visit.


First visit to Rockstar Climbing

If you are coming to Rockstar to casually climb for the first time then before you can climb we must provide you with a Safety Induction and ask you to complete a Participation Agreement. Don't worry though as both these things are pretty quick and normally only takes about 15 minutes all in. 

Your Safety Induction is completed when you first arrive and you can also choose to complete your Participation Agreement here at Rockstar too, however, you may also complete your Participation Agreement online beforehand to speed things up and save time. To complete your Participation Agreement online click below. Climbers 16 year of age and older must complete their own Agreement. Climbers under 16 should have their agreement completed by a parent or guardian.


All under 16's must be supervised by an adult

​It is our policy that all under 16's must be directly supervised by a responsible adult at all times when casually climbing at Rockstar. The maximum allowed ratio is two under 16's to a one supervising adult.


Climbing on our Bouldering Walls & High Walls

All climbers, both novice and experienced, are welcome to climb casually on our Bouldering Walls any time during our opening hours. 

To climb casually on our High Walls you must be a proficient rope climber or be supervised by a proficient rope climber. All proficient climbers wishing to climb casually on our High Walls will be asked to complete our High Wall Competency Test on their first visit to ensure our minimum proficiency standards are met. 


Please note that under 18's cannot climb or belay without direct supervision of a proficient adult rope climber unless they have been granted special permission to do so by a senior Rockstar Climbing team member.

If you are not a proficient rope climber but wish to climb on our High Walls then we recommend checking out our fantastic beginner sessions or our Adult Learn to Climb course.


Book your climbing entry online or just turn up!

If you are planning to come to Rockstar to climb casually at either Building 3, Building 5 or both we offer our climbers the option to book their session online in advance or arrive on the day and book in with our Team. 

Booking online as well as ensuring you've completed our Participation Agreement in advance will ensure our Team can get you in climbing as quickly as possible. However, if you'd prefer to just turn up then our Team will be pleased to help on the day.