Climbing Sessions for Adults

Learning to climb at Rockstar is both fun and empowering. Check out our choices of courses designed to teach you the best and safest way to progress your climbing and bouldering skills. 

A comprehensive start into the thrilling world of climbing. This course runs over 3 sessions with each session lasting 2 hours. During this course you will learn essential skills needed to climb safely including using a harness, tying in, belaying and more, and we will also introduce you to the art of climbing movement and technique.

Adults Learn to Climb

Adults Movement & Technique

Are you looking to improve your climbing skills and unlock that next grade level? On this course you will learn the art of climbing efficiency, discover how great footwork can massively improve your climbing ability, we'll teach you essential climbing techniques all pro-climbers use, and much more too.

Adults Learn to Lead

Discover the thrill of Lead Climbing and take your climbing to the next level. Let us show you the excitement of Lead Climbing, once you've discovered this your climbing will skyrocket and you'll never look back.