Schools, Colleges & Universities

More and more schools, colleges and universities are discovering the enormous benefits climbing offers students of all ages. Find out how our wealth of experience and expertise makes us one of the UK's leading instructing centres for student development.

Why is climbing being adopted more in education? Watch below to find out.


Since our opening in 2015 we have continuously invested in our Youth climbing programme because we are passionate about climbing and are advocates for the immense benefits climbing brings to all young people regardless of ability or background. We see transformations in young people everyday because climbing has unlocked their hidden potential.

Our level of instructor experience and years working closely with schools and colleges, combined with our status as a primary UK awarding centre for both the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme and National Indoor Bouldering Award Scheme, means our level of commitment and support for education is unmatched. 

Here are just some of the things we help provide Schools, Colleges & Universities through climbing

Single or Term Based Sessions

We can help arrange a single climbing experience session for a class or a full term of climbing activities for multiple age groups.

After School Climbing Clubs

Working closely with schools and parents our after school climbing clubs can help students achieve national awards in climbing.

Sports Activities & Take Over Days

Looking for a challenging but rewarding activity for your school, college or uni. We help organise half to full day sessions for large numbers of students.

GCSE PE Climbing

We support students undertaking climbing as part of their GCSE PE, from training through to final assessment we deliver to AQA, OCR and Edexcel

We are not a 'one solution fits all' provider, so get in touch below and let's chat about how we can help you and your students