What is Rockstar High Walls?

The flagship climbing centre for the South of England and beyond!

Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.
~ Greg Child


What is High Walls?

Rockstar's High Walls offers an Arena that contains 1,135 square meters of climbing in excess of 10 meters in height. The Arena comprises over 200 climbing lines, 5 auto-belays, 2 speed belays and close to 500 climbing routes. This really is the flagship climbing centre for the South of England and beyond!

High Wall climbing is considered the more traditional discipline of climbing where ropes and harnesses are used to protect a climber as they ascend our incredible walls.

Typically roped High Wall climbers climb in pairs - a climber and a belayer - and as such High Wall climbing requires more skills and equipment than Bouldering as both climbing and belaying skills are required. Although with our fantastic auto-belays it is possible for individuals without a climbing partner or without belaying skills to still enjoy our High Walls.

High Wall climbing at Rockstar is split between two disciplines - Top Roped climbing (where the rope is fixed at the top of the wall) and Lead Climbing where the rope is taken up the wall by the climber.  Lead Climbing requires quite a lot of experience and so most people will learn to Top Rope climb first before moving onto Lead Climbing.

Why should you climb in our High Walls Arena?

As author and climber Greg Child once said, "Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb."

Many people climb at Rockstar for lots of reasons, but here are just a few:

Being able to rope climb and belay is an incredible life skill. It provides a self-confidence and focus that benefits you even outside of climbing.

High Wall climbing is thrilling and taps into a hidden potential we may have never discovered otherwise.

You can learn how to rope climb and belay in as little as two sessions allowing you to climb with friends or family as often as you like.

Climbing is social, keeps us fit and toned and always different. Why do the same things over and over at the gym when you can climb?

If you are already an experienced roped climber then you can just book in and climb anytime you wish. If you're new to climbing or want to learn the ropes then our experienced climbing coaches can teach you!


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Would you like to learn how to High Wall climb?

We have a range of adult classes, courses and private coaching designed to begin and improve your High Walls climbing journey.


Discover our Junior & Youth Cliffhangers Clubs.

Our amazing Junior & Youth Cliffhangers Climbing Programme teaches High Walls & Bouldering to National Award levels.

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